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Before you can start using our Authentication services, you will need to register and go through few steps.
This is a one-time process which is required so that others can trust the documents you authenticate.

These steps include the following, among others:

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For your security and the recipients of the documents you will authenticate, COLOP needs to make sure it is really you.

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You need to create at least a 6-digit password to be able to log into your account and into the Authentication App for the first time.

Your password needs to be composed of at least 8 characters;

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certificate samples - can you trust your eyes?

Feel free to try out scanning our secure QR-code in these samples with any QR-code scanner. The link will take you automatically to the App Store or Play Store to download our small but powerful COLOP Verification App. Explore all the security layers and start trusting your eyes!


the COLOP e-mark secure

The COLOP e-mark secure device is a first-of-its-kind security token capable of printing encrypted QR-codes directly on Covid-19 test certificates.
If the certificate is digital, the QR-code is printed on any piece of paper to be scanned and verified so that the authentication of the digital document can be finalized.
  • Works with high security on both digital- or paper Covid-19 test- or vaccine certificates
  • Blockchain advantages for paper certificates.
  • The key is stored on the document itself only
  • Digitalization of paper documents takes place simultaneously with the authentication process
  • Digital documents can be printed and keep the same high level of security

Feel confident about the authenticity of an important document, regardless if it is on your screen or printed on paper. The COLOP e-mark secure Verification App for Android will help you analyze a seal and its context within seconds.
Retrieve all the following details from a blockchain database:

  • Authorized Organization
  • Stamped by
  • Stamp Device ID-No.
  • Stamped at Location
  • Stamp date, time, number
  • Stamp notes
  • Document scan

Can you trust your eyes? With the COLOP e-mark secure iOS Verification App you can. All this information will be made available directly on your fingertips:

  • Authorized Organization
  • Stamped by
  • Stamp Device ID-No.
  • Stamped at Location
  • Stamp date, time, number
  • Stamp notes
  • Document scan